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Retrax TRUSS | Bed Rack for Tacoma '05-'23 | upTOP Overland

Retrax TRUSS | Bed Rack for Tacoma '05-'23 | upTOP Overland

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Retrax TRUSS Tacoma Bed Rack

Retrax TRUSS Bed Rack Overview

The Retrax TRUSS Bed Rack is a strong and lightweight aluminum bed rack designed specifically for Tacoma trucks. It is compatible with Retrax XR Tonneaus and comes in Short, Mid, or Full height options to fit both long and short bed Tacomas.

With this bed rack, you can easily mount a roof top tent and other large items for your outdoor adventures. It features load bearing armor plates on both sides, pre-drilled for mounting adventure and recovery gear such as Maxtrax, Rotopax, Quickfists, and Waterports. The one size fits all design ensures a perfect fit for your Tacoma.

upTOP Retrax Truss Bed Rack low profile installed

Retrax TRUSS Bed Rack Features

  • Strong and Lightweight - Made of aluminum for durability and easy handling
  • Compatibility with Retrax XR Tonneaus - Specifically designed to work with Retrax XR models for a seamless fit
  • Multiple Height Options - Available in Short, Mid, and Full height to accommodate different needs
  • Versatile Mounting Options - Pre-drilled armor plates allow for easy attachment of various adventure and recovery gear
  • One Size Fits All Design - Suitable for both long and short bed Tacomas
upTOP Retrax Truss Bed Rack tonneau close up installed

What's Included

Everything you need is included with your Retrax TRUSS Rack!

  • 6 x TRUSS Legs
  • 4 x Side Armor Plates
  • 3 x Load Bars (2" x 2")
  • All required fasteners, washers, lock nuts, and spacers.
upTOP Overland Retrax Truss Bed Rack low profile installed no background

Retrax TRUSS Bed Rack Specs

Specs Features
Length Approximately 50 inches
Load Bar Width 50 inches
Weight Approximately 55 lbs
Load Rating (Dynamic) 300 lbs
Load Rating (Static) 1100 lbs
Truss Height (Short) 6 inches (Unable to mount MaxTrax)
Truss Height (Mid) 11.5 inches
Truss Height (Full) 19 inches
Compatibility Retrax XR models (RetraxPro XR, Powertrax XR, RetraxONE XR, or PowertraxONE XR) and Pace Edwards Explorer Series Rails

Retrax TRUSS Bed Rack Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

upTOP Overland Retrax Truss Bed Rack Install Manual PDF

Not Included
- RETRAX bed cover, upTOP eX Overland Rack, Lighting, Maxtrax Mounts as well as anything not listed above. NOTE: THE TRUSS system comes with inserts that thread into the Retrax XR systems. This product was developed in conjunction with Retrax and has been test and rated for the load capacities put forth.

Customer Reviews

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Great Complement to the Retrax Cover

Installed my UpTop Truss rack over my Retrax retractable bed cover on my 2020 Tacoma. The video instructions from the manufacturer were a little bit outdated, because they have updated/upgraded a few of the connectors, but it was not too difficult to determine where those changes were. A few hours of work and it was solidly and securely on the truck, ready to mount my OVS Nomadic 3 RTT, which I took out for a test campout a week later. Everything functioned beautifully and I am supper happy with the purchase.

Glad to hear it!