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Sherpa Equipment Company Roof Racks (For Sale)

Sherpa Equipment Co, born in Colorado's front range, began with adventure-seeking videographers who needed a rugged, adaptable rack system for their Toyota 4Runners. This led to designing racks that merged practicality with innovation. The team, passionate about the outdoors and their vehicles, infuses this enthusiasm into every aspect of their work, from customer service to product design.

Sherpa stands out in the overlanding industry for its commitment to continual product improvement. They've developed some of the strongest side plates in the market and were among the first to integrate black oxide stainless hardware into their racks. This dedication to evolution and quality means Sherpa's products are reliable and durable, designed not to fail when you need them most.

With Sherpa Equipment Co, you're not just buying gear; you're embracing a lifestyle of adventure, supported by a company that embodies the spirit of exploration and innovation. Whether you're an off-roading enthusiast or a weekend adventurer, Sherpa's products are designed to enhance your journey into the unknown.

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