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Wildcat Outdoor Gear, born out of the frustration of setting up complicated traditional tents, offers an innovative solution for outdoor family vacations. The brand’s centerpiece is the unique Air Truss Technology, which replaces the usual pile of color-coded tent poles with easy-to-inflate trusses, significantly simplifying and accelerating tent setup and take down.

These inflatable tents not only offer ease of setup, but also guarantee quality. Founded by Toby, a former contractor who knows the importance of solid construction and high-quality materials, Wildcat Outdoor Gear uses only the finest cotton and cotton/poly blends in its tents. These materials ensure comfort, durability, and dryness regardless of weather conditions. The tents also boast superior floor materials and cutting-edge ventilation technology for optimal comfort.

The company also prides itself on its spacious interiors. Discontent with traditional cramped tents, Wildcat Outdoor Gear designs tents with real families in mind. The floor space in their tents significantly surpasses that of average four-person tents. Both models feature a generous living area, a divided sleeping area for privacy, and a side room for changing or storing a portable toilet. In essence, Wildcat Outdoor Gear revolutionizes the camping experience with its focus on comfort, convenience, and quality.