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Ironman 4x4 stands as a testament to the spirit of exploration and the thrill of the great outdoors. The company cherishes the time spent in rugged terrains, a philosophy that reflects in their commitment to innovation, quality, and value. These pillars have been the foundation of the business since its inception in 1958 by the founder, Guenter Jacob.

A native of Germany, Guenter Jacob was a natural at precision engineering. His story is one of resilience and expertise, having been detained in Auschwitz during World War II. His survival was a direct result of his extraordinary skill in spring making. After the war, he sought a fresh start and moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he continued to refine his craft. There, he specialized in creating performance springs for the military, the Ford Motor Company, and Mack Trucks.

In 1958, Guenter founded Jacob Spring Works, an enterprise that later led to his nickname, "The Ironman," and which subsequently became the brand name of the company.

Jacob Spring Works, also known as JSW Parts, began a new chapter in 1982, focusing on the design and supply of leaf and coil springs for a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and 4x4s. It didn’t take long for JSW Parts to earn international recognition as a leading manufacturer and supplier of suspension parts.

The rise of 4x4 vehicles saw Ironman 4x4 broaden its horizons further, moving beyond coil and leaf springs to include shocks and an extensive range of products catering to the most reputable vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Ironman 4x4’s legacy continues to be its work with various military divisions where the products’ strength and reliability are of the utmost importance.

Today, Ironman 4x4 is synonymous with providing cost-effective solutions across the 4x4 industry, serving recreational, military, and commercial sectors with an adaptive and progressive mindset. Users of Ironman 4x4 can confidently embark on any adventure, assured of the world-class quality that comes with the brand.

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