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Body Armor 4x4 originated from the vision of a weekend Jeep enthusiast who preferred to craft his own bumpers for perfect fit, style, and unmatched performance. Recognizing a gap in the market between what Jeep owners desired and what was available, a new business venture was initiated.

Over nearly two decades, Body Armor 4x4 has evolved into a highly respected brand in the realm of Jeep, truck, and SUV accessories. What began as a specialized Jeep bumper manufacturer has now diversified into a wide range of products, including exterior armor, racks, interior storage solutions, tents, trail accessories, suspension systems, and much more. The brand is known for its rigorous design process, relentless development, and robust engineering.

Committed to delivering top-quality and highly functional products at affordable prices, Body Armor 4x4 stands out in the market. Their confidence in product quality is reflected in their robust warranties, assuring customers of the highest standards. Body Armor 4x4 looks forward to being an integral part of customers' adventurous journeys, equipping them with accessories they can take pride in owning.

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