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Delta | Rooftop Tent | Tuff Stuff Overland

Delta | Rooftop Tent | Tuff Stuff Overland

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Delta Rooftop Tent from Tuff Stuff Overland

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The Tuff Stuff Delta Roof Top Tent – your perfect adventure companion for two! Whether you're mounting it on trailers, crossovers, or the bed of a pickup truck, the Delta is versatile, lightweight, and ready to embark on your next journey.

Ideal for a range of vehicles, including Jeeps, SUVs, Crossovers, Subaru's, Toyota Tacomas, and 4-Runners, this roof tent brings comfort and convenience to your outdoor expeditions. Don't let our no-return policy fool you – this tent's durability is unmatched. Its steadfast design ensures that the Delta looks and functions as well on year five as it does on day one.

While softshell tents like the Delta may take a few extra minutes to pack away compared to hardshell variants, they offer unparalleled longevity. With fewer parts to break, warp, peel, or crack, the Tuff Stuff Overland Delta is a testament to lasting quality.


  • Four-season tent suitable for two people.
  • Spacious 96 x 56-inch mattress with ample headroom.
  • Crafted from high-quality 280G poly-cotton windproof fabric.
  • Reliable Heavy-duty YKK zippers.
  • Includes a poly-oxford 420D rain fly with superior water-shedding ability.
  • Upper air vents for optimal warm air discharge.
  • Three windows with awnings and mesh screens for excellent ventilation and views.
  • Unfolds from either side of the vehicle (side or rear).
  • All aluminum frame, ladder, and roof rack mounts included.
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for complete installation (including tools).
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty PVC driving cover.

Ready for a rock-solid, dependable tenting experience? Choose the Tuff Stuff Overland Delta for your next outdoor adventure!


Actual Weight
• 140 lbs

Weight Capacity
• 800 lbs

Dimensions L/W/H
• Folded Closed
o 48 x 56 x 14 inches
• Opened
o 96 x 56 x 52 inches

Mattress Size
• 96 x 56 x 2.75 inches

Annex Room Not Included
• Optional Not Included w/ Delta Tent
• Tuff Stuff® Overland Roof Top Tent Annex Room

Base Frame
• Aluminum 1-inch diameter
• Aluminum & fiberglass Sheets

Tubular Frame
• 1" diameter

Tent Fabric Material
• Manufactured from high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton Rip-Stop fabric (the best water-shedding material on the market)
• Waterproof Polyurethane coating for maximum water resistance, Breathable, UV & Mold Resistant

• 420D Polyester/Oxford material
• Coated with polyurethane for maximum rain protection
• Breathable UV & Mold Resistant
• Sheds water instantly
• Eliminates 50% of overhead light

Driving Cover
• Heavy-duty YKK zipper
• Black, 1000D PVC waterproof



• Install time is approx 1-2 hours with 2 people. Detailed instructions included.
• All necessary spikes included.
• All necessary hardware included (even the tools) to mount to most all roof racks (using the custom extruded aluminum channel system).
• Ideal mounting height for the tent would be 76″-78″ above the ground to allow for the ladder to extend and annex to hang to the ground.
**Tent mounts slide In the lower mounting rail to accommodate any crossbars (left to right on the vehicle) with a spread of up to 52". We recommend your crossbars (left to right) are no more than 45" apart for optimal support. The included lower brackets will accept up to a 3.25" wide crossbar- Crossbars wider than 3.25" will require new brackets to be fabricated. Please see photos of the provided mounting brackets for a better idea of what to expect.**

PLEASE DO NOT fabricate your mounting rails before you receive your truck top tent. It never ends up well.







SET UP OF Tuff Stuff® TENT:



Will this tent fit my vehicle?

Roof top tents are not vehicle-specific. It is up to you to you to do your research. Make sure your vehicle has a stable roof rack that can support the weight of the tent on top, in addition to the people inside. Always refer to your vehicle manual.

Heavy-duty crossbars (left to right) are necessary to support the weight of the tent, and we recommend checking your factory rail system (front to back) to confirm it will hold the weight of your tent and the people inside. Max width of your crossbar should be 3.25" or less so there are no modifications needed to use the provided brackets. If your crossbars are wider than 3.25" you will need to purchase brackets from another source or have them manufactured for you.

Can I run my vehicle and tent through a car wash?

Not unless you're filming something for Instagram and don't care if your tent gets ripped from the vehicle like a category 5 hurricane.

What is the tent made from?

Manufactured from high-quality polyester/cotton windproof fabric.

I woke up and everything was wet inside, I thought this tent was waterproof.

It is, but watch out here comes the science. When you’re camping in colder weather a temperature gradient exists (cooler outside than inside) and so moisture will build up on the tent walls, ceiling, poles, and floor. An Anti-Condensation mat reduces the temperature gradient at the floor and allows moisture to escape. They also help with air-flow inside the tent and provide a small amount of extra padding. These "Dry" mats also keep the mildew stink at bay. And be sure to keep those vents open. Trust us on that one.

Can I wash the cover for the mattress?

Yes, you can remove the cover and wash it.

Not unlike, "The Princess and the Pea" I too require an extremely soft mattress. Why don't you sell memory foam mattresses with your tents?

Have you ever fallen into a memory foam bed when it's cold? If so, then you know why we do not offer memory foam mattresses. Cold weather and memory foam are not friends. Not only does memory foam "freeze" up in the cold but it holds moisture and its little friend mold. RTT's have enough issues with condensation (see above). You do not want to add a hard, wet, moldy sponge to the mix.

Can I utilize the RTT access door from any side of the vehicle?

Yes, the roof top tent can fold open from the right or left side of the vehicle or trailer.

Do you include all of the hardware for installation?

Yes, the tent comes ready with all hardware and wrenches but you will need to have the roof top racks ready for installation. Always check the weight capacity of your racks and your vehicle.

How many people can this roof top tent sleep?

Comfortably 2 adults but if you have small children they can be placed in between you or in the optional annex room that we offer. 

Is this tent easy to open and close?

Compared to an Alpha, Alpha II or Stealth, no. Compared to other soft shell tents on the market, yes. Once you practice a few times in your driveway, the tent will take approximately 10-15 minutes to assemble. The bulk of that time is setting up the window rods so that the windows have an overhang.

Does this tent hold up in wind and rain?

Absolutely. The tent is waterproof as well as comes with a "Rain Fly" for those long rainy days. When secured correctly the tent will hold up to high winds.

Do I need to clean the tent every time I stop and camp?

No, the driving cover protects the tent. Even though it seems like "things" will get into the tent during travel time it won't. Having said that, we do suggest that once you get ready to hit the trail you open the tent up to "air it out", brush off the mattress protector, and then you are ready to enjoy the outdoor adventures.

Do I need to clean the inside of the tent after camping?

Unless you are blessed with OCD yes. Yes of course you do. Clean it and air it out. You're not a teenager anymore.

Do I need to air out the tent after camping?

Yes, that's why we said it twice. The tent doesn't come with mold but it will move in if you don't air it out after each trip. Your body creates moisture through heat and breathing. Or if you tinkle the bed after too many beers around the campfire. Air out your tent and you'll have it to enjoy for years.



Freight/Delivery times are 3-5 business days from our warehouse to the Destination Terminal, Final Delivery is by appointment (this is why we require a phone number) and varies based on the distance from the Destination Terminal and the Final Delivery address (your shipping address). 

Do NOT miss your delivery once scheduled or you will be charged for rescheduling. We get charged and will pass the charge on to you.  

Our tents ship via LTL and will ship separately from any other items in your cart. This means, if you also ordered an awning it will ship via Ground. This is why the phone number is so important. The LTL Freight Carrier will contact you via phone to work out a delivery time. No number no delivery. Missed travel time.

All tents INCLUDE shipping only to the lower 48 states. Tents must be sent via freight truck (not UPS or Fed-Ex Ground) so please arrange an ideal location with easy access/and or forklift services to ensure no damage occurs in transit. A forklift is not required but definitely preferred.

For residential deliveries: The courier will only deliver to the sidewalk, driveway, or garage. A valid telephone number must be provided at the time of purchase. This needs to be a number that you can be reached at in order for the delivery driver to schedule a delivery time. Failure to provide a valid telephone number will result in your tent not being shipped until we can make contact with you.

If you cannot arrange to be available or fail to respond to the carrier, your tent will be returned to our warehouse and the return freight charges will be applied to your credit card.

Lastly, if you see damage to the tent packaging take pictures immediately. Refuse delivery. If you do not see any outer damage but find concealed damage once you open the packaging, stop, and take pictures. Make sure to take pictures of the packaging, the tent, anything that will provide context for the damage.

Boxed Delta - 59 x 50 x 11 x 147 lbs
Pallet - 60 x 50 x 4 x 68 lbs
Total Shipped - 60 x 50 x 15 x 215 lbs