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Introducing Wilderness Resource, the pinnacle of luxury outdoor accommodations. Originating from Austin, Texas, this Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business is deeply rooted in a profound appreciation for nature.

The founders, a dynamic duo, each possess a fervent passion for the wilderness. One founder, a valorous veteran of the Global War on Terror, served with the esteemed 1st Ranger Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment, embarking on crucial missions to the Middle East. This vast exposure to a variety of terrains has granted him unparalleled insights into nature's intricate comforts. His counterpart, a devoted outdoorsman, cherishes hunting, fishing, and tranquil kayak journeys in the U.S's secluded corners. His penchant for luxury combined with an adoration for nature results in an exceptional flair for crafting opulent outdoor spaces.

Their paths intertwined at Texas State University in San Marcos, culminating in the birth of Wilderness Resource in 2022. This venture stands as more than just a luxury tent provider; it's a purveyor of meticulously designed outdoor experiences that merge nature's raw beauty with contemporary elegance.

Boasting a fusion of their rich experiences and unyielding commitment to quality, Wilderness Resource promises not just robust tents but a lavish outdoor haven tailored to your unique aspirations. Dive into an expedition where wilderness and luxury harmoniously coalesce. Welcome to Wilderness Resource.