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Kabari X | Hardshell Roof Top Tent | 23ZERO

Kabari X | Hardshell Roof Top Tent | 23ZERO

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Kabari X Hardshell Roof Top Tent

Kabari X Roof Top Tent Overview

"Get ready, adventurers! The Kabari X roof top tent is here to catapult your overlanding into the stratosphere of awesome. Designed for the wild-hearted, this tent is more than just a place to crash; it's your front-row seat to the greatest show on earth—nature!

Why Settle for the Ground? Elevate Your Sleep!

Imagine a sleeping space so vast, you'd think you're in a luxury suite, not perched atop your vehicle. With a 43″ W x 75″ L footprint, the Kabari X offers the sprawling comfort of a king-size bed, in the rugged embrace of the wild. And with a peak height of 51.5″, say goodbye to the claustrophobic crouch-crawl of ordinary tents. Stand tall, stretch out, and breathe in the freedom!

Not Just Any Mattress - A Dream Factory

Dive into dreamland on the 2″ Rebound Foam mattress, topped with a quilted cotton layer that whispers "sweet dreams" in every stitch. Coupled with Light Suppression Technology, the Kabari X ensures the moon and stars won't disturb your slumber, nor will the sun rudely awaken you at dawn. It's like having your own blackout curtains, wherever you roam.

A Trio of Entrances: Because Options Matter

With not one, not two, but three entrances, the Kabari X offers unparalleled access and ventilation. The main entrance boasts a rainfly canopy for those cozy, drizzly nights, while two side options are perfect for catching a breeze or a stunning sunrise. It's your personal wilderness castle, with every door leading to new discoveries.

Weather-Proof, Bear-Tough

Crafted from the resilient ECO13B fabric, this tent laughs in the face of rain, wind, and whatever else the skies throw your way. It's your steadfast shield against the elements, ensuring you stay dry, comfortable, and ready for whatever adventure awaits at dawn.

Storage Galore: Keep Your Gear Organized

Forget clutter and chaos. With integrated cross bars, T-Slot rails, sail tracks, a handy boot bag, and internal gear pockets, the Kabari X is the Mary Poppins bag of roof top tents. Every piece of gear has its place, leaving your living space as serene as the starlit sky above.

So, why wait? The wild is calling, and the Kabari X is your answer. Strap it on, head out, and let every journey be a story worth telling. Adventure is not just about the destination; it's about how brilliantly you sleep along the way. Choose Kabari X, and sleep like you mean it."

Kabari X Roof Top Tent Features

  • Smart & Convenient Organization - Ample storage space with six-pocket gear ceiling gear loft, two side gear pockets, and a boot bag
  • Views & Ventilation - 360-degree views with five windows and excellent ventilation with multiple entrances
  • Fast & Easy Deployment - Quick and effortless setup for a hassle-free camping experience

The 23ZERO Includes:

  • One boot bag
  • 40” USB 5V LED with three levels of white light settings. Attached via hook and loop with three sown in attachment points
  • Six pocket gear loft ceiling organizers attached four bungee cords. One pocket is see-through and great for tablets
  • Two attached internal mesh gear pockets 10” W x 9” H
  • Integrated roof bar system with two cross bars. The crossbar supports (perpendicular to the cross bars) are pre-drilled providing four possible locations (31.5” L). The crossbars measure 49” L x 2.875” w x .75” h and are double T-Slot aluminum rails
  • Bungee that hooks to the side panels to assist in closing the tent
  • Two rain fly poles (39.75” L) with storage bag
  • Mounting KitZippered bag
  • Eight sliding mounting plates
  • Four rubber coat mounting plates
  • Eight sliding mounting plate kits (plate, bolt, nut, washer)
  • Open-ended wrench 10mm & 13mm
  • Allen wrench
23Zero Kabari X Open Ladder Folded Down

Kabari X Roof Top Tent Specs

Specs Features
Sleeping Capacity 2 Adults
Sleeping Footprint 43” W x 75” L
Weight Capacity 600 lb.
Mattress 2” Rebound Foam with removable quilted cotton topper in orange
Condensation Matt Included
Peak Internal Height 51.5“ H
Dimensions Open (Interior) 43” W x 75” L x 51.5” H
Number of Entrances 3 total
Additional Windows 2
Recommended Racks 190 lb Dynamic Rated Rack
Dimensions Closed (Exterior) 52.5” W x 82.5” L (85” including handle and latches ) x 8” H (8.5” including mounting rails )
Dimensions Open (Exterior) 60” W x 94” L x 58” H
Mounting Rail Spacing 24” from center to center. In-set 12” from the side
Mounting Rail Length 74.25” (there are two)
Tent Weight with Ladder 226 lb
Seasons 4 Season
External Color Black & 23ZERO Green (Olive)
Internal Frame Material X hinge system with struts for quick and easy opening and closing
Tent Body Fabric ECO13B Fabric
Mattress Cover Material Removable orange insulated cotton-poly topper
Mosquito Screen Black polyester mesh
Ladder 7’ telescoping ladder in black with a carrying case
Outer Hard-Shell Need spec roof and floor
Closing Strap 1” nylon webbing
Latches Four heavy-duty latches, two front and two back
Seal 5/8” rubber seal between the roof and base
Single T-Slot rail on all four sides of the base Located on the bottom
Double T-Slot rail on all four sides of the roof Located on the bottom
Double T-Slot running down the sides Located on the bottom
Front and rear single sail tracks Located on the bottom
Front and rear single T-Slot rails Located on the bottom
23Zero Kabari X Closed with installed rails

Kabari X Tent Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

23Zero Kabari X Download Install Manual

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